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1: Get the emailed Demicon progress report (Oh goody!)...
2: Read down to "In Loving Memory of Myrna Parmentier"…
3: Curl up in a ball and cry myself to sleep.

I've known Myrna since as long I've been going to conventions. We just saw her (and Gregg) at Minicon not ten days ago, and we were looking forward to seeing her again at Demicon this weekend.

Words fail me.



Current Mood: sad sad

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Interesting reading: http://www.convergence-con.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/Root+Cause+Anaysis+of+the+Website+crash+on.pdf

Something that stands out to me is the claim of 20,000 hits per second. The simple, ignorant math says that if most all of last year's attendees were hitting reload, they would need to be doing that nearly three times per second. Is this a bit high?

Batshit Conspiracy time: Was CVG2014 the victim of a DOS/DDOS attack? Who? Why? Somebody with an axe to grind? Or just for teh lulz?


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Thought I was seeing more than usual this summer.

Metro mosquitoes double 10-year norm
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Was last weekend.  It was big.  It was, however, not quite as big as feared.  6789 attending vs. a ~7200 prediction from pre-reg and historical data.  This may be the first time it was less than the prediction.  The con is still growing.  Last year was 6667, I think.

Worryingly, been asked to run the room party at Convergence for Supercon next year.
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The kitten Ame Thest is about a year old today.
Also, it is snowing.  WTF?
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Having an apartment warming / Game night this upcoming Saturday (April 6, 2013), ~6pm to whenever.
Email/message/call for directions.
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Hugo nominations 2013 Minicon
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The kitten has turboboost.

Remember with Knight Rider how when KITT used "turboboost", there was a sound effect? Six Million Dollar Man had something similar, I think; that was before my time.  Well, the kitten sometimes makes a little purring hum when jumping, running or pouncing.

Whatever it is, is sickeningly cute.
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Last night, I was eating too fast when the kitten got in my face.

Five minutes later, I blew a Spaghetti-O out of my nose.
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Been sorting through some boxes of crap.  Nothing really interesting. (Why do I still have class notes and homework from 14 years ago?  Or DaVinci's coupons, expired June 1998?  I suspect I just shoved everything into a box when moving.)  I did find a couple Daily Nebraskan newspapers from 1999 (saved due to FISHPOND).  Interesting how nothing's changed, news-wise.  Perhaps the most interesting stuff was an early ConCussion con-com listing (with addresses!) and old convention flyers.

PS.  Playing around with Live Journal's "nudge" feature.  Seems a bit lame.
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